"Faithful to Gospel values, the charism of our Foundress and attentive to the signs of the times, we, the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus, commit ourselves to the transformation of lives through our prophetic witness of vowed life, community living, participatory leadership and apostolic ministry with a special option for the poor, women and children"
(9th General Chapter, 2008).


"Transformation of our Communities and the World in Christ."


Simplicity, Commitment, Respect, Justice, Loyalty, Unity, Humility, Generosity

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Our primary apostolate consists in the witness of our consecrated life, fostered by prayer, penance

  • Missionary Apostolate:

    As members of the Church which is missionary in nature, we undertake missionary apostolate by readily and willingly going forth to manifest God's love for His people, even "to the ends of the earth". In our missionary apostolic activities, we try to adapt to local conditions and identify with the people, after the example of Mother Mary Charles Walker, our Foundress.
  • Education

    Through Education at all levels, ranging from Nursery Schools to Universities, we share in the teaching ministry of Christ as we teach, train and prepare our students to meet the challenges of life and not just to obtain Certificates. Our ministry extends to special Schools for the handicapped children and adults. Love, justice and dedication are the characteristics of our Schools.
  • Medical

    Through medical services, we participate in the healing ministry of Christ and serve the sick and suffering with love, patience and sympathy through improved health-care services in Clinics, Dispensaries, Primary Health Care Programs, Maternity Homes, Homes for the aged and hospitals. Home-based nursing is also within our ministry, as we work for the spiritual and material well-being of all without discrimination.
  • Pastoral Ministry

    In our pastoral ministry, we follow the gospel mandate to "Go teach all the nations …" and impart the gospel message to different classes of people. Since the young are the foundation on which to build a strong local Church, we take pains to organize Catechism classes for children in order to give them moral instructions and inculcate in them sound religious discipline. We engage in Religious Education Programs, Retreats, Workshops, Parish and Prison Ministries.
  • Social Services

    Here we attempt to imitate the love, sympathy, and concern of Christ as we serve the under-privileged in our society, such as the orphans, single parents, unwanted babies, prisoners, mentally ill and other marginalized persons. We engage in economic empowerment of women at all levels and encourage personal and community effort for self-help. We also engage in agricultural programs, small-scale industries for self-reliance and creation of job opportunities for the unemployed poor of our society.
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The Congregation of the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus (H.H.C.J.) was founded by Sister Mary Charles Magdalen Walker, an Irish Sister of Charity (now known as Religious Sisters of Charity), who came to Nigeria in 1923 at the invitation of Bishop Joseph Shanahan, CSSp.  She came to help in the work of Evangelization and most especially in the area of women’s education.  Mother Mary Charles Magdalen Walker lived out the preaching of being all things to all people as she engaged in any ministry that would uplift the standard of life of the people she served.  She was an Educator, a Medical Personnel, an Evangelist, and a Social Worker.  Her desire for an indigenous Religious Congregation was fulfilled when four of the young women she taught in St. Joseph’s Convent School, Calabar, Nigeria expressed the desire to become like her. 

Its international and inter-tribal nature continues as members are drawn from all parts of Nigeria, Cameroon, Togo, Ghana, Sierra Leone, England, and Kenya.  Presently, the Congregation has houses in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Togo, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Italy, Germany, London, the United States of America and Canada.