Handmaids Social Enterprise


Our goal is to address the challenges of food shortage in the country caused by wastage, inaccessibility to market and prolonged drought that have led to crop and animal deaths.


To be the main suppliers of value added African indigenous food.


To provide humanity with healthy value added food by applying environmental friendly farming and business techniques.

Handmaids Social Enterprise is agri-based project owned by the Congregation of the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus. The congregation of the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus is an African-International Indigenous Congregation of women founded with the mission of the transformation of persons through prayer, education, Health care, social work with particular emphasis on, women, children, youths, and the underprivileged. It is this service to underprivileged humanity that has pushed the sisters to start Handmaids Social Enterprise. When there is no food the whole humanity suffers especially women and children.

Problem Statement

Over the years, Nairobi has been increasing in population and giving pressure on Food Supply. Making the matter worse, there have been prolonged droughts due to climatic changes causing animal deaths especially goats. These challenges have resulted in a lack of milk and meat in Nairobi and its surroundings. The situation is even worse as the little meat/milk produced goes to waste due to a lack of storage facilities. The unscrupulous entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the situation and are sky-rocketing the price of goat meat in Nairobi. And even at times sell fake goat meat to Nairobians The Handmaids Social Enterprise is mainly addressing the challenge of goat/milk shortage in Nairobi caused by wastage, inaccebility to market and prolonged drought that lead to crop or animals’ death. To address the challenge of wastage the enterprise is investing in value addition of goat meat/milk by producing smoked, roasted and cunned meat. Further more the enterprise has partnered with the youths in Kitui who buy goats from farmers there and sell to the enterprise which in turn transports the goats to Nairobi for meat and dairy farming. To address the challenge of prolonged drought the enterprise wishes to invest in zero grazing to ensure that the animals do not die of hunger the way they have died this year (2021). At the same time, the enterprise lacks a physical shop where it can sell its products as a result the enterprise has only been selling the products online and it is not able to tap into the large population of Nairobi. Since the production of the minimum viable product, the project has had requests from its customers to start an restaurant near the sisters convent. Venturing into such earteries has proved to be too costly for the newly started enterprise.

Impact of Project

This project addresses the fundamental rights of human beings handling the second United Nations (UN) Strategic Development Goal (SDG). Its implementation will improve the quality of life, improve agriculture, keep the environment green and create jobs. These extended benefits are equally anchored in the UN SDGs.


The main funders of this project are the sisters of the Congregation of the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus who have partnered with Rotary Club of Ongata Rongai East, and Rotary Club of Nairobi Thika Road. We ask well wishers like you to partner with us.


The evaluation for the project will be done termly by the authorities of the Handmaids of the Holy Jesus in Kenya Region to ensure sustainability.


Food wastage is indeed a challenge to humanity that has left millions hungry. Investing in this project will help humanity put quality food on their table. We hereby request for your donation.

Farming Plantings


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Goats Sale on the market 

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Goat Rearing 



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